Jim D. Koontz & Associates, Inc. provides laboratory testing of all types of roofing materials. Testing is performed in accordance with ASTM and other federal and industry standards. Our firm is actively involved in research of roofing materials and assists in the development of testing standards.

     The primary purpose of roof auditing is to ensure that the roofing contractor is in compliance with project plans and specifications. Roof auditing has been performed on large military, government, industrial, and private projects. Items monitored include materials, installation procedures, deck conditions, bitumen heating, insulation attachment, ballast application, materials storage, and weather conditions. Verification of compliance with local building codes, Underwriters Laboratory and Factory Mutual guidelines can be performed. Daily and/or intermittent audit reports are generated with photographic documentation of work activity.

     Roof design projects typically follow several phases of work. The initial phase involves a detailed study of existing conditions, deck type, access, interior environment, building use, local code requirements, and budget limits. Options developed for the client include variations of built up, single ply, or metal roofing systems. Detailed cost estimates of labor and materials are generated for each project. Comprehensive plans and specifications for reroofing, repair or maintenance are developed utilizing CSI and AIA formats. Drawings are produced on computers in an AutoCAD format. Project management typically includes pre-bid, pre-construction meetings, periodic inspections, review of submittals, pay requests and final inspection.

     Our experienced staff investigates numerous roof failures each year. Factors evaluated as they relate to a roof failure include materials, workmanship, design, and owner maintenance. Techniques used in investigating roof failures include nondestructive surveys and laboratory analysis of roofing products. Failure investigations include a thorough review of contract documents, material manufacturers' product literature and code compliance.

     Nondestructive roof surveys are an important tool in the evaluation of the current condition of a roofing system. They can be used in preventative maintenance programs, roof failure investigations, storm damage assessments and as an aid in the design of reroofing projects. Whenever existing roof insulation can be salvaged, reroofing expenses are minimized. Entrapped moisture can cause premature roof failure. Early detection of underlying moisture prolongs the life of a roof, resulting in substantial dollar savings.

     Hail and wind losses result in major roof damage throughout the United States every year. Jim D. Koontz & Associates, Inc. actively investigates hundreds of storm related roof losses. These include major hail storms, ice storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Roofing systems evaluated include built-up, single ply, metal, foam, tile, and shingles. During a storm damage evaluation, the extent of roof loss is first defined, followed by a determination of the scope of work. Once methods are established, comprehensive cost estimates are generated and negotiated with contractors. During disputes, JDK & Associates often serve as third party arbitrators to evaluate and assist in the settlement of roof claims.